Oct 2014 17

To see the diff of a file between two non-sequential revisions, open the log for a file and select the two revisions and then click the Change button as shown in the screenshot below.


Oct 2014 15

We all know that images are the heaviest assets of websites by file size and should be optimized first more than anything else. Pretty much everyone uses Photoshop’s Save-for-Web to optimize images for web use. But, it’s possible to easily get even smaller file sizes without any noticeable different in image quality. I recently tested a service called Kraken (https://kraken.io/) and it reduced a banner background image by 44% (126 KB).

Without Kraken: 282KB
With Kraken:     157KB

The two images are below. Can you tell any difference between the two? Click on the image to see a larger version.



Update: Actually, Compressor (https://compressor.io/compress) was able to compress the image by even more (70%)!

Some other image optimization sites are:

  • https://tinypng.com/
  • http://pnggauntlet.com/
  • http://optimizilla.com/
Oct 2014 15

With so many Javascript libraries on the net, finding one to meet your needs can be really difficult. Javascripting.com can help you with that. It offers a searchable list of libraries sorted by popularity and grouped by category.



Oct 2014 15

With so many tools available, it’s hard to keep track of them. The Starter Kit offers a nice collection of many of the best tools for web developers all in one place.



Oct 2014 15

You know how to type a hyphen and that’s exactly why you use it so often in all the wrong places. The hyphen is used to break single words into parts (like when lines of type break within a word) or to combine separate words into one single words.
I’m hungry in a get-in-my-belly kind of way.

En dash
The en dash is used in dates to replace “to” or “and”. It can also be used to indicate the relationship between two different words. In German it is also used for a break of thought, with a space before and after the en dash.
I lived in the United States from 1976–1978.
I have a love–hate relationship with San Francisco.

Em dash
The em dash is used for a break of thought that is stronger than a thought within parentheses. It is a break in the sentence in order to create attention or stress a thought. The em dash is uncommon in the German language and most common in American type setting.
I once had to replace 1,000 hyphens in a single document—exhausting.

For more related information, visit http://www.typogui.de/

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