Slow-Digesting Breakfast For All-Day Satiety

Whether you’re planning to fast before a medical operation or otherwise, or don’t plan to have access to much food for a long period, I’ve found the following food incredibly effective at staving off hunger. Ramadan fasters, take note! The following foods have a low glycemic index and are digested slowly.

Warning: consuming some of these foods may cause bloating and flatulence, but if you consume it every day, those symptoms will go away within a week.

Kirkland Signature Organic Ancient Grain Granola

Available at Costco, this granola is high in fiber, healthy and delicious. The downside is it has 8 grams of added sugar. Costco should make a version replacing sugar with the all-natural, zero-calorie Monk fruit. I prefer to consume a bowl of this with unsweetened almond or soy milk and optionally some berries. Learn more.

MUSH Overnight Oats

Also available at Costco, these prepackaged overnight oats are convenient and healthy. There’s no added sugar, but they’re still sweet. Learn more.

Greek yogurt (optional)

Greek yogurt is very thick compared with regular yogurt and typically higher in protein, too. This particular one is sweetened with all-natural stevia extract, which is better than cane sugar and artificial sweeteners like sucralose. I consider this to be optional.