Change Rental Terms

If you decide you want to make changes to your tenant’s month-to-month rental agreement, you must serve your tenant a notice of change of terms. For example, you may want to have the following new terms:

  • Tenant may not keep pets, including dogs and cats, on the premises
  • Tenant and their guests may not park their vehicles on the lawn
  • Tenant must have renter’s insurance with
    • minimum personal property coverage (Coverage C) of $10,000
    • minimum personal liability limit (Coverage E) of $100,000
    • the landlord’s name as the “additional insured”

30-day Notice

For changing the terms of the rental agreement other than the rent amount, you only need give a 30-day notice.

Example Change of Terms Notice

Downloadable Forms

How to Serve The Notice to Tenants

Unlike serving a notice to increase rent, in which case you can just mail the notice to your tenants, a notice to change any other terms of the contract including the rent due date and the security deposit must be done in person.

Personal Service

You or anyone you designate age 18 or over may hand the notice to the tenant or any one of the tenants named on the notice on behalf of all tenants. If the tenant does not accept the notice, you can leave it down by the tenant’s feet and walk away.