Securely Fasten Multiple Cables to Interior and Exterior Walls

If you need to fasten a cable to a wall, you might be tempted to use a plastic cable clamp like one of these.

These are fine if you need to fasten just one cable to an interior wall. If you need to fasten a cable outside where it can be exposed to the sun or if you need to fasten multiple cables, then these plastic clamps won’t work. The sun will make them crack. What you can do instead is use zip ties with a zip tie base. There are even releasable zip ties.

Releasable zip ties

You can find zip tie base mounts with 4.5mm openings and 9mm openings to accommodate zip ties of different widths.

Zip tie base mount

Just screw the base mount to a wall.

Slide a zip tie through the opening.

and fasten some cables. Trim the zip tie if desired.

The cables will be tight, and the zip ties should last longer than those flimsy plastic cable clamps.