Proof of Invisible Life: Human vs Car Analogy

The human body is very similar to a car. Following are some similarities between the human body and the car.

ECU (Electronic Control Unit)Brain
Engine and fuel pumpHeart
Air intakeNose and lungs
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)Fingerprint 
WheelsLegs and hands
Fuel tankStomach
Ball jointsElbows and knees
Car diagnostic scanHuman vital signs/Medical scan
Car structural frameSkeletal system
Engine torqueStrength
Engine oil and other fluidsBlood and body fluids
Car chassisHuman spinal cord
Oil and fuel filtersKidneys
Shock absorbersCartilages and fat
Fuel and radiator fillerMouth to eat and drink
Windscreen wipersEyelashes
Headlight and windscreenEyes
Turbo and superchargersSteroids

When a car stops working, whether due to lots of use (like old age in humans) or an accident (like humans getting injured in an accident), it can be fixed, e.g. by flushing and replacing dirty transmission fluid (like human blood dialysis), or a part can be replaced (like a human organ transplant). Like cars, the human body requires maintenance and can often be repaired. However, the fundamental difference between the two lies in their ability to be resuscitated after experiencing a catastrophic failure. With a car, you can wait forever and still be able to fix it. When a car is dead, e.g. if the engine is off, there’s always a way to bring the car back to life, whether by opening the engine to replace one small part or replacing the engine altogether. In contrast, once a human’s engine (heart) is off (the heart’s electrical system fails, which causes the heart to stop pumping blood), there’s only so much time before the person is completely dead. One must rush to try to restart the heart by either

  • CPR or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
  • Resuscitation with an automated external defibrillator (AED) device
  • Chest compressions

Time is of the essence. Usually, the person would be considered dead if there is no pulse within 5 minutes. Unlike a car engine, transplanting a perfect heart once someone is dead will not bring the person back to life. Therefore, something must have existed in the human other than the physical parts that gave it life. Some (most) people call this thing the “soul”. Whatever you want to call it, it seems then that this soul is an intangible and invisible form of life (to the human eyes, at least) that transcends the limitations of the material body.