Prevent weeds from growing along edges of yard

As I’ve said before, weeds are notorious for finding ways of growing through weed fabric and along yard edges.

Middle of yard

To combat weeds from popping up in the middle of your landscape, lay multiple layers of heavy duty weed fabric overlapping each other. Then, lay cement board 6 inches apart for drainage.

Edges of yard

For edges, you can screw pressure treated 2x4s to the cement edges using special screws and a drill bit for concrete. Just make sure to drill using the hammer drill mode.

The concrete edges of your may not be flat which could lead to weeds growing through small crevices between the wood and the concrete edge.

To fill these gaps, mix Rapid Set 25 lb. NewCrete Concrete Resurfacer with water until it is the consistency of paste – not to watery – so you can spread it along the vertical concrete edge before screwing the 2x4s.

Unlike regular concrete, this is all powder and not rocks.

After securing the wood, use a small trowel or your finger to fill any gaps with cement. Then, and this is key, use a wet sponge to smoothen out the cement and remove any excess spillover cement.

For better results and to minimize cleanup, mask off the top of the wood and the cement surface using duct tape. Then, why the cement is dry, you can just rip the tape off or cut it with a utility knife.

This is how the edge looks after about 1 hour. I folded the edge of some weed fabric a few times around the strip of pvc molding and then screwed it into the wood following this technique.

I could have just stapled the weed fabric to the side of the wood that faces the cement edge. That would have been cheaper and eliminated any tiny gaps between the wood and the fabric.

Here’s the before.

And here’s the after.

Next I’ll paint the wood edging a dark brown color, lay down some cement boards, then fill the area with ¾ inch ginger rocks.