Export Multiple Video Clips From a Single Clip Using Shotcut

Download Shotcut (free) and open it

  • Click the Editing mode (1)
  • Click “Open file” (2) and open a file (the video will play in the player)
  • Drag the video in the player (3) to the Timeline (4)
  • Make sure the “Source” or “Project” tab (5) is selected in the player
  • Move the playhead to the point where you want to start a clip
  • Click the Create/Edit Marker button (M)
  • Click the Split at Playhead button (S)
  • Repeat the above two steps to create as many clips as you want
  • Click on a clip in the timeline (6) (it gets outlined in red) and copy it (CTRL+C)
  • Open the playlist pane (7) and click the + button (8)
  • Repeat adding as many clips as you want to the timeline
  • Click the Export button (9) and choose “Each Playlist Item” in the From select menu
  • Enter a prefix for each video clip that will be exported