Never Use Wire Nuts to Splice Electrical Wires Again

You’ve probably used wire nuts to splice electrical wires at home.

Though this works, the wires can become loose can cause a short circuit. Some electricians will wrap black electrical tape around the wire nuts but that’s messy and sticky.

You could use In-Sure wire connectors which claim to support both solid and stranded wires but removing wires can be very difficult.

A better solution is to use Wago LEVER-NUTS Splicing Connectors. These connectors support both stranded and solid wires at various gauges and they are simple to use. Just strip the wire, insert it, and clamp down on the lever. To remove wires, just open the clamps. Not sure why The Home Depot doesn’t carry these but they are available on Amazon.

And if you need a more permanent connection, these solder seal wire connectors are great. No crimping or soldering necessary. Just

  • Strip the wires
  • Insert them into the connector as shown below
  • Melt the solder and the transparent heat shrink with a heat gun