How to Stop a Chronic Cough, Mucus, and Tickle in Throat

Most people would say that if you have a chronic cough, it’s probably due to allergies. Actually, the two most probable causes of a chronic cough are

  • allergies
  • acid reflux

I had a chronic cough for many, many years along with an irritating tickle in the back of my throat. I would also have to constantly clear my throat of mucus. I saw many doctors and an allergist and they all told me it was due to allergies and that I had post-nasal drip. I tried many types of pills and inhalers and even a nasal flush but none of them permanently got rid of my chronic cough. After doing some research on my own, I found that acid reflux is often a cause of

  • coughing
  • mucus
  • tickle in back of throat

These symptoms matched what I felt so I told my new doctor that acid reflux may be the problem even though I rarely felt any acid reflux. Apparently, just a small amount of acid reflux could cause you to cough and have mucus. I was prescribed Prisolec OTC

  • double dose (2 pills) in the morning for the first 2 weeks
  • single dose (1 pill) in the morning for the next 4 weeks

According to the instructions, you won’t feel an improvement till about 3 weeks. Believe it or not, it worked. And after 3 weeks, the cough had begun to go away. Now, I don’t have any mucus to clear. I have an occasional tiny, negligible tickle in my throat, and the coughing has pretty much gone away.

I don’t know why doctors couldn’t have told me to just take Prilosec, which is just an over-the-counter medicine, 5 years ago!

If you have the same symptoms, try


Also try Black Elderberry syrup and Honey Loquat syrup.