Tips on Finding Eyeglass Frames You’ll Like

Searching for new eyeglass frames isn’t easy. There are so many brands and shapes and sizes. And even if you find one that fits your face, you may just find it uncomfortable to wear. Here are some tips to help minimize disappointment.

Eyeglass Frame Dimensions

On one side of eyeglass frames are some numbers.

These numbers are the

  • width of the lens opening
  • width of the bridge
  • length of the temple (side)

There is one more important dimension which unfortunately isn’t listed. It’s the height of the lens opening, which is prefixed with the left B.

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Print Poster Size Images Using a Home Printer

Recently I needed to print a poster size image using my home printer. I didn’t feel like slicing up the images into a bunch of tiles and figuring out which goes where. Here are a couple programs that will do this with ease:

Poster Printer by RonyaSoft

Easy Poster Printer by GD Soft