Windows: List All Files in a Folder and Subfolders

Sometimes you need a list of all files in a folder and in all subfolders. This can easily be done from the command prompt using the following commands:

List all files and folders in a folder

c:/> dir

List all files and folders in a folder and subfolders

c:> dir /s

To list only certain files, use the wildcard (*) symbol

c:> dir /s *.mp3 > listmp3.txt

To send the list of files/folders to a texts file, use the redirection symbol (>)

c:> dir /s > list.txt

When done, you can use Sublime Text to sort the list and return only unique file names, among other things.

Cheap Managed WordPress Blog and Online Store

Creating a WordPress site is easy but maintaining it is no fun. If you keep your WordPress version and plug-ins up-to-date, you can be vulnerable to attacks which could lead to your hosting company suspending your account. The cheapest managed WordPress service providers that I’ve found are

This blog is currently on but I have another on GoDaddy.

If you need an online store, while there are many free, open-source ecommerce applications you can install on a server, you still have to manage the upgrades. To avoid that, you can use WordPress and install free plugins that provide ecommerce functionality. I’ve tried this with what seems to be the most popular one (WooCommerce) and it works really well. The plugins I am using are

  • WooCommerce
  • Simple Custom CSS


Sublime Text: Remove Duplicate Lines (Unique)

Removing duplicate lines of text should be something all text editors can do. However, you may not realize where to do it in Sublime Text. It’s under the “Permute Lines” menu item where you will see a “Unique” function to uniquify your text (remove duplicate lines).

Edit > Permute Text > Unique

There! I’ve blogged about it. Now hopefully I’ll remember that it’s there.


Sublime Text: Invert Selection from Find Search Matches

One thing that’s nice about the Linux program, grep, is that it only shows you lines that match your search condition and removes all non-matching lines. You can accomplish the same thing and more with the Sublime Text editor. In addition to removing non-matching lines, it can remove all non-matching text leaving you with only the matches you want. Just do the following

  1. Enter your search condition
  2. Click the Find All button
  3. Click Selection > Invert Selection
  4. Delete the inverted selection
  5. Hit Enter to put each match on a separate line (notice the multiple cursors flashing)

UPDATE: Actually, after you click the Find All button, you can just copy all matches (CTRL+C) and paste them into a new file to accomplish the same thing as steps 3, 4, 5.






CloneSpy – Remove / Deduplicate Files on Your Computer

As time goes on, you may find that you have many duplicate files on your computer whether they’re music files, photos, or documents. One program I found that is free and does a great job and finding and giving you various options for handling duplicate files, including deleting them, is CloneSpy. I’m currently using is to deduplicate mp3s and it works great. I set it to ask me what to do for each duplicate file match so I can checking and manually choose which duplicate files to delete. Below is a screenshot.


How to Build a Data-Driven Hybrid Mobile App with HTML, CSS, Javacript, jQuery Mobile, AppGyver and Parse.

1. Set Up AppGyver Steroids on Your Development Machine

Go to, click the Get Started button, and follow the steps to set up your environment. If you’re developing on Windows, you’ll need to install Git, Python, and Node.js which are all very easy and quick to do with the installers. You’ll then install Steroids by running the command

npm install steroids -g

When done, create a Steroids account at, log in, and then set up the Steroids login by running the command

steroids login

Steroids should tell you that your login was successful.

logo-steroids-8613d13ce018ffad1cffe9570a8bc050 Continue reading How to Build a Data-Driven Hybrid Mobile App with HTML, CSS, Javacript, jQuery Mobile, AppGyver and Parse.

How to Find and Research (Pre) Foreclosure Houses / Properties

This information applies to properties in California (specifically, Alameda County).

When a bank begins the foreclosure process, they must file a Notice of Default with the county clerk. You can search for all notices of default within a time period in a county by going the county clerk’s website. For Alameda county, that would be

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AT&T U-verse TV/Internet Coaxial Cable Connections

  1. Twister pair phone wires come to the AT&T Telephone Network Interface Device (NID) outside your house
  2. In the NID box is a balun that converts twister pair to a RG6 coaxial cable
  3. The RG6 coaxial cable from the balun connects to the VDSL input of a Holland Electronics DPLS-2AR Diplexer
  4. A RG6 coaxial cable is run from the “Combined’ output of the diplexer to the coaxial input on your AT&T 2Wire 3800HGV-B VDSL Residential Gateway (RG) modem / router
  5. A RG6 coaxial cable is run from the “HPNA/TVRF” output of the diplexer to the input of a Holland Electronics GHPNA splitter
  6. A RG6 coaxial cable is run from each of the outputs of the splitter to your AT&T set top boxes (STB)

Change Items Displayed in Places/Favorites Bar in Save As File Dialog (Windows 7)

On Windows, when you save a file using the Save As dialog, you normally get some reset shortcuts or places on the left side of the window. These places may not be what you’d like them to be. Fortunately, you can change the shortcuts as I’ve done below showing three items (Desktop, trunk, and image).

save-as-dialog Continue reading Change Items Displayed in Places/Favorites Bar in Save As File Dialog (Windows 7)

T-Mobile Not Receiving Bank of America SafePass Codes

I recently need to set up a wire transfer on and it asked me to enter a SafePass code that was supposed to have been texted to me from the short code 73981. After many attempts, I was unable to receive the text / SMS even though I can receive them perfectly fine from a regular phone number. It turns out that T-Mobile blocks content downloads by default. To fix this issue, I needed to unblock content downloads by unchecking the check box next to the service. Once I did that, I was able to receive message from short codes and the Bank of America SafePass code.