HD Screen and Audio Recording on a Mac (+ Basic Editing)

  1. Do all of this on a Mac with 1920 x 1080 (HD) resolution
  2. Install SoundFlower for Mac
    This is necessary because QuickTime doesn’t let you record system audio
  3. Play an audio file (e.g. mp3)
  4. Play a video (e.g. from YouTube)
    If you want the video to be full screen, make it so from the application, e.g. YouTube. To remove the window chrome, click Command + Shift + F to maximize.
  5. Open QuickTime Player (included with Mac) and choose “New Screen Recording”
  6. Next to the record button, click the drop-down and choose Sound Flower 2ch
  7. Record the video and / or audio
  8. In QuickTime Player, trim both ends of the video to your liking
  9. In QuickTime Player, insert other video clips wherever you want on the timeline
  10. The recorded video will be a huge mov file (large file size). Upload it to YouTube and then download the MP4 from YouTube to compress it.