Fasting to Cure Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer, Arthritis and Other Diseases

Apparently, fasting for 2 to 3 weeks while only drinking water can oftentimes permanently cure diseases like diabetes, hypertension and rheumatoid arthritis. It can also expedite the curing of cancer and other diseases. You basically starve the cells causing the disease. This extreme type of fasting must be done in a supervised environment with doctors checking your health periodically.

Some water fasting clinics include

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The first 3 days of water fasting are the worse but afterwards, people don’t feel hungry anymore and they begin to actually feel good. The body then adapts and gets detoxed. Headaches may occur.

How the body uses energy:

The body has 3 fuels:

  1. Glucose (sugar) which is essential for the brain
  2. Proteins which are muscles and the heart
  3. Lipids which is stored fat

When fasting, the body uses energy as follows:

  1. The body uses up all glucose to power the brain. After 24 hours, the glucose supply runs out.
  2. The body then makes glucose from protein to power the brain.
  3. The body will also then use its liver to convert lipids (fat) into a substitute for glucose to power the brain. The liver is very good at making this conversion. This 3rd process then becomes the main food supply for the brain.

During fasting, many aspects of blood composition improve, e.g glycemy, cholesterol, tryglycerids, and insulin levels decrease.

Also during fasting, the energy expenditure of the body gradually decreases. Breathing and heart beat slow down and blood pressure drops. The digestive system goes into a state of rest.

During fasting, to prevent the depletion of protein, the body economizes the conversion of protein into glucose and increases the conversion of lipids into a glucose substitute to power the brain. This phase can last a long time depending on the supply of fat available. When 80% of the available fat is gone, the body enters phase 3 where it depends heavily on protein. At this time, the body must eat before it’s too late.

An adult who is 1 meter 70 cm tall weighing 70 kg has around 15 kg of fat reserves. This is enough for a healthy person to fast for 40 days.

Fasting protects healthy cells. Below are cells from the liver, heart, and muscles and their DNA makeup.

After 2 days of fasting, their DNA makeup looks like this which shows that the cells are in protection mode.

During fasting, if we compare healthy cells to cancer cells, we see that after two days of fasting, the DNA of the cancer cells is opposite that of healthy cells. Unlike the healthy cells, the cancer cells are not protected. This makes the cancer cells very weak both with and without chemotherapy. Fasting while undergoing chemotherapy actually expedites the curing process from cancer. Cancer cells shrink and can die during fasting even without chemotherapy. For cancer cells, fasting is a nightmare.