My Tool Collection

Power Tools

Ridgid Drill & Driver

Skill Miter Saw

Arrow Cordless Staple Gun

Bosch Bulldog xTreme Hammer Drill

DeWalt 1/2" Chuck Drill

Porter Cable Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Black & Decker Jigsaw

Ridgid Cordless Angle Grinder

Rockwell Mini Circular Saw

Black & Decker Circular Saw

Ridgid Oscillating Tool

Ridgid Right Angle Drill Attachment for Oscillating Tool

Ridgid Right Angle Driver Attachment for Oscillating Tool

Porter Cable Reciprocating Saw

DeWalt Table Saw


Kneeler Board

Knee Pads

Ladders and Stools

4-Step Aluminum Step Ladder

Little Giant MegaMax Aluminum Convertable Ladder with Wheels


Hitting Tools

Sledge Hammer



Detection Tools

Magnetic Stud Finder

Stud Finder

Stud Finder

Measuring & Leveling Tools

25' Tape Measure

6" Ruler with Level

24" Ruler with Level

Open Reel Tape Measure

Square Ruler

Square Right Angle Ruler

Infrared Thermometer

3' Wood Ruler

Bosch Laser Distance Measurer

Moving Tools

Mover's Dolly

Foldable Hand Truck

Cosco 3-in-1 Hand Truck


1.5" Metal Putty Knife

3" Flexible Metal Putty Knife

8" Taping Knife

Paint Brush Set

Paint Roller and Tray

Paint Mixer Drill Attachment


Liquid Siphon Pump

Extra Large Sponges

Copper Tube Pipe Cutter

PVC Pipe Cutter

Drain Snake / Auger

Sink Plunger

Toilet Plunger

Bonding / Holding / Supporting Tools


F Clamp

C Clamp

Irwin Bar Clamp

Steel Spring Clamps

Duct Tape

Clear Plastic Tape

Scissor Jack

Heavy Duty Caulk Gun


Volt Tester

Volt Tester

110/220 Volt Tester


Outlet Tester

Wire Stripper, Cutter and Crimper

Electrical Tape

Terminal Block

Push-in Solid Wire Connectors

Assorted Wire Nuts

Manual Tools

Pliers Set

Locking Pliers Set

Adjustable Wrench

Adjustable Bionic Wrench

Ratcheting Wrench Set

Pipe Wrench

Screwdriver Set

Mini Screwdriver Set

Adjustable Wrench

Socket Set

Nail Puller

Nail Puller and Crow Bar

Trim Puller

Bolt Cutter

Hex Key Set

Hex Key Set

High-Tension Hack Saw

Aviation Snips

Small Saw

Small Saw

Large Saw

Drill / Driver Accessories

Universal Socket

Hole Saw Set

Hex Bit Set

Drill Bit Set for Metal

General Drill Bit Set

Long Drill Bit

Center Punch Set

Automatic Center Punch

Damaged Screw Extractor

Flexible Drill Bit Shaft

DeWalt Right Angle Drill Attachment

DeWalt Pivoting Bit Tip Holder

Drill Bit Holder

Twin Blade Adjustable Diameter Recessed Light Drywall Hole Drill Attachment


Ridgid Corded Wet/Dry Vac

Ridgid Cordless Wet/Dry Vac

Ridgid Cordless Jobsite Blower

Jumbo Dust Pan with Handle

Broom and Dust Pan

Honda 3100 PSI Pressure Washer


LED Flood Light

Head Light

Ridgid 2500 Lumen Flashlight with Rotating Head

Hand Lamp with Cord and Hook


Screw and Wall Anchor Set


8" Composite Shims

Drywall Shims

Extension Cord with Reel and Outlets



Scissor and Knife Sharpener

Pencils with Sharpener


Utility Knife with Blades

Magnetic Wrist Band for Screws

Rotary Tool Accessory Set

2.5 Gallon Gas Can

Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool