Oct 2014 15

There are many new websites, product, and services that people create but many are never known because most people hear about new products from reading the news or blogs. Product Hunt is a new website that allows people to post new products and vote on them. It’s a great way to find many new and useful products that you may otherwise never know about.



Oct 2014 15

There are several window management tools for Windows and Mac OS. I recently tested Divvy and have found it to be the best so far,


It’s $14 but it works very well and is simple to use.


Oct 2014 06

When building a website with PHP, there are many frameworks you can choose from. However, they usually are very advanced with tons of features and sometimes a steep learning curve. If your needs are simple but you’d still like to build you site in a modular MVC-based fashion, PHP-MVC is a nice, light-weight alternative. You can learn more about it at https://github.com/panique/php-mvc.

Below is a screenshot showing you how simple the file structure is.



Update: another nice and simple PHP MVC framework is Simple MVC Framework.


which include some key plugins / extensions like PDO for safe, database-agnostic SQL and GUMP for form input validation.

Oct 2014 02

Last night I came across a situation where I had 447 folders each containing many subfolders and with only one file in the last subfolder. I needed a way to move all of these nested files into one parent folder. Luckily, there’s a small free program called Suction that can do this very easily. A screenshot is below. It worked perfectly and quickly.


Sep 2014 30

STEP 1: Purchase Domain at Domain Registrar

e.g. abdullahyahya.com is registered at godaddy

  • GoDaddy
  • Hover
  • Gandi
  • etc


How to find where a domain is registered?
Do a whois lookup, e.g. http://www.whois.com/whois/abdullahyahya.com


STEP 2: Set Domain Name’s Name Servers at Domain Registrar’s Control Panel

e.g. below is the control panel to set the name servers for abdullahyahya.com

nameservers [..]

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