Feb 2014 07

Sometimes you may need a layout that calls for fixed width content but a fluid background. You can accomplish this with multiple divs or, if you use the calc function, you can just use one div or element, as exemplified below.

<div class="section">

This content is 200 pixels wide and wraps after it reaches 200 pixels.

div.section {
width: 200px;
padding: 0 calc(50% - 100px);
background-color: blue;
color: white;

See the demo at jsfiddle.

Feb 2014 06

Next time you need to send a message, don’t just write text. Include one of many hilarious GIFs from replygif.net to help get your message across :)

Jan 2014 27

When you want to make rounded corners on divs using CSS, all you have to do is specify a CSS border-radius style to the div, e.g.

<div style="border-radius: 10px;">Something</div>

However, if you want this to work on a table element, you need to add overflow: hidden, i.e.

<table style="border-radius: 10px; overflow: hidden;">
Jan 2014 21

Sometimes you may come across a situation where you need to keep typing the same message over and over again like when you’re replying to customer emails. Most people would save different messages in a text editor like Notepad and use copy and paste to avoid having to retype their messages. However, there’s an even easier way using a Windows program called AutoHotKey. With AutoHotKey, you won’t have to switch windows and copy and paste text. You can create a simple script in a text file and assign it to a certain key and when you click on the key (or combination of keys), the text you saved will be written to where your cursor is (in a text area). Here’s an example script in a file called AutoHotKey.ahk in my Documents folder:

Send Thank you for your order. {Enter} Please reply indicating which two kites colors you want. We have blue kites, red kites, and purple kites.


Jan 2014 15

Last year I backed a Kickstarter project called Lima. This project is an electronic gadget that lets you connect multiple external hard drives via USB to it and allows you to access all files on all drives from any device over wi-fi in your home. The device includes an electronic circuit board, and plastic case, some USB sockets, and some cables. The project members recently released a blog post describing their outsourced manufacturing process and experience in China and I found it to be quite useful so I am linking to it here.


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