Sep 2014 30

STEP 1: Purchase Domain at Domain Registrar

e.g. is registered at godaddy

  • GoDaddy
  • Hover
  • Gandi
  • etc


How to find where a domain is registered?
Do a whois lookup, e.g.


STEP 2: Set Domain Name’s Name Servers at Domain Registrar’s Control Panel

e.g. below is the control panel to set the name servers for

nameservers [..]

Sep 2014 26

When setting up a web server, if it’s one of the following

  • Apache
  • Google App Engine (GAE)
  • Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • lighttpd
  • Nginx
  • Node.js

you may want to start or compare  your config with some boilerplate configs you can find at

Many best practices and optimization are included in them which can save you a lot of time.

Sep 2014 18

If you’d like to know which fonts are being used on a web page or in an HTML tag, Firefox Inspector has a tab called Fonts that will easily let you see this. Screenshot below.


Sep 2014 18

As a website grows, you can find yourself with a ton of CSS that may or may not be needed. Cleaning this CSS is necessary to facilitate maintainability of your code. But how do you find unused CSS. A Firefox extension called Dust-Me Data does a decent job of doing that. Below is a screenshot show how many unused selectors there are from each source followed by a listing of each selector.


Sep 2014 18

Calories In < Calories Out ≠ Weight Loss

Most people think that to lose weight, you just need to consume less calories than what you use on a daily basis. Well, it turns out that that’s not enough and not true. Eating low calorie foods with high sugar content will still result in consuming more calories that what you think you’re consuming from reading the nutrition label because sugar, both the natural kind from fruits (glucose) and the other kind (fructose / high fructose corn syrup), will get converted to fat which will not only lead to obesity but also to many health problems. Unfortunately, most processed foods you can find all around you contain LOTS of sugar including hamburger buns, ketchup, barbecue sauce, and many other things that don’t taste very sweet. Carbohydrates / carbs (especially sugar) -> insulin -> fat! [..]

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