Easily Clean Shower Floor Tile

Shower floors easily get dirty with soap scum and dirt and sometimes mold. Cleaning showers floors like those made of tile can be difficult and tiring. Many people may think they have no choice but to manually scrub the floor. Fortunately, there’s an easier, effortless way using power tools.

Tools Needed

In the picture below, you can see I have the corded polisher with a 7″ stiff bristle brush attachment.

There are 2 set screws you use to help secure the brush attachment to the polisher.

At 7 inches in diameter, the brush is large, which is fine for my custom walk-in shower.

I haven’t tested it out yet but I’m sure it’ll work. Previously, I hacked a brush onto an angle grinder which worked but the available brushes were too soft.

If you need to clean walls, this tool would be difficult to use. Since most of the dirt is on the floor, you can just use Clorox Disinfectant wipes for walls.