High Pile, Plush Shag Rug

Trying to find a thick, plush rug with high pile can be difficult with so many options but inaccurate advertising. Here’s my experience and recommendations for comfy carpet.

Thomasville Shag Rugs

Basically, all of the Thomasville Shag rugs are good, if not the best. They are definitely the best value.

  • Thomasville Bali Shag Rug
    I felt this rug at Costco and it’s definitely thick, soft and super dense.
  • Thomasville Marketplace Luxury Shag
    I personally have this rug. It’s definitely high pile and soft but not as soft at the Bali Shag rug. I like the edges of this rug more than the Bali shag rug, though.
  • Thomasville Marketplace Savoy Shag Rug
    I haven’t felt this rug but it’s got a lot of good reviews and is by Thomasville.