How to Lock Tension to Create Super Tight Rope Line

Here’s one way to secure an item using rope that locks tension in the rope. It’s a variation of the Trucker’s Hitch. It involves creating a loop (butterfly knot) and then looping the free end of the rope twice through the loop. For the first, fixed end, I use a ring hitch knot which easily ties the first end of the rope to an anchor without it loosening. No matter how hard you pull, the knot won’t loosen.

Here’s how to tie a ring hitch for the first end.

  1. Loop the rope end through an anchor point
  2. Create two loops
  3. Stick the end through the two loops and tighten

Here’s how to tie the butterfly knot.

And here’s how to use the butterfly knot to create a super tight rope line.

  1. Loop the free end through an anchor point
  2. Loop the free end through the butterfly knot twice
  3. Pull on the free end (note the tension locks)
  4. Tie the free end to the anchor point

I found out how to do this from: