Home Remodel


Picture of house before any work done. No one liked the purple color and the weeds in the front yard quickly got out of control.


Removed all plants and weeds from the front yard.


The dirt was put on the driveway. The original driveway was expanded by covering up some of the original yard. One slab of cement was cracked so I removed it.


Three inches of dirt was removed in order to put down mulch. The expanded driveway beside the yard has an obvious crack in it next to the sidewalk.  Also, the color of the expanded driveway cement was different than the original driveway cement.

The downstairs bathroom was very poorly remodeled by the previous owner. The drain from the added shower was exposed and forced into the side of the vanity to connect to another drain pipe. The cheap mirror wasn’t centered with the vanity and the bathroom felt small and crammed.


I remodeled the bathroom by replacing everything but the shower. The shower drain was rerouted through the wall into the garage and then back to connect to another drain pipe. A smaller vanity with matching mirror was installed as well as some custom shelves. New lights, tiles, and toilet were installed. The cheap metal office blinds were replaced with faux wood plantation shutters.


The driveway was treated in preparation for scoring and staining.


A grinder with a diamond blade was to create grooves in the cement in a random pattern to appear as natural stone. This pattern makes the crack in the cement much less noticeable.


The driveway was then stained which hides the different shades of gray cement between the old, original driveway and the new, expanded sections.


The house was repainted using neutral, earth tones of light and dark brown.

IMG_20160328_094219The finished look of the repainted house. It has just rained which caused the driveway to appear darker than normal. A  wood divider was created to separate my yard and the neighbor’s. Six drought-friendly Cypress trees were planted along the divider.


A different angle of front view of the house. Weeds have already begun to grow along the perimeter of the yard.

Low voltage LED lights were placed around the front exterior of the house and hooked up to a Wemo switch and connected to a custom IFTTT recipe to automatically turn the lights on at sunset and off at 2 AM.


As a result, the house is now the brightest on the block 🙂 The chimney is also lit up.


More dirt has been removed along the perimeter and all sprinkler heads identified and tested.

Weed fabric was laid down to block weeds from growing.


A new and more sturdy wood divider was created and painted the same colors as the house. Two faux boulders were staked into the ground. A few drought-tolerant plants were planted. An address sign was installed. Low voltage lighting cable was laid down along with some LED lights. Some sprinkler heads were replaced with drip irrigation heads. The sprinkler water valve was replaced with a new one that can be controlled electronically.


Finally, rubber mulch was put in which completely transformed the look of the front yard.